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Ever noticed that garden fencing in London doesn’t seem to last more than five years these days?  This is either caused by no maintenance, cheap timber or bad installation.

If you seem to think a fence estimate is too good to be true, then it properly is.  Many garden fencing companies in North London will provide cheap quotes on fence installation but doesn’t necessary mean the fence will last.

Choose GreenFellas for your fence installation service

GreenFellas garden fencing London can provide you will the best treated timber and installation service. We always make sure the fence is erected the right way using string lines. We add post caps on top of our posts and add extra creosote when cutting timbers and were necessary to prevent future rot.

Most fencing companies would not bother to do these most important parts when erecting the fence, so within five years the fence would need replacing.

References from Grand Designs, Channel 4, North London.

GreenFellas has a high reputation on installing timber garden fences with huge amount of references including from the TV program, Channel 4 Grand Designs and other clients in the local areas.

Our company only use highly effective oil based wood treatment timber, which provides excellent surface water repellent, restricts weather damage and long life span on the fences.

Are you looking for privacy?  Do you want to keep unwanted animals outside your garden? If yes, then you definitely need a garden fence installed! Check out the areas we work.

There is a wide ray of materials and styles available in the market. If you are not acquainted with how fences work, then you are definitely in need of best garden fencing installer in North London.


Dave Mobile: 07707 143584
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Our service of fence contractors as had 15 years experience.

Our friendly installer and builder team can turn your ordinary household boundary garden to a paradise dream! Consider GreenFellas North London garden fencing among the various fence companies! Contact us today. Visit our main fencing website


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Dave Mobile: 07707 143584
Office Freephone 0800 9557672

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