Without the green lush turf, your garden seems to be incomplete. Growing and maintaining high quality turf may be bothersome for you.

Quick and affordable turfing services for your garden, is at your door step. GreenFellas turfing Service  provides hassle free gardening assistance.  

About Us:

GreenFellas garden service is a well known turfing installer in North London. With excellent track record and experienced turfing installers, we are way ahead of the services provided by other turf companies. We offer turf supply and installation for new lawns and also for repairing older ones.

Whatever may be your garden size or condition, our company works for both larger and smaller lawns. If you have any problems regarding gardening and turf installation, make sure to all us. Difficult lawn preparations and lawn maintenance are effortlessly arranged by our skilled gardeners and installers. If you decide to install your lawn on your own, then we also supply quality turf.

We, at GreenFellas garden turf use the most recent, high quality dedicated lawn turf machinery and requirements to deliver you the best possible turf installations.

You can blindly trust your lawn at the hands of the expert turf installers of GreenFellas turfing services. Service provided by GreenFellas is professionally oriented with prompt and competent turf installation.

The price range offered by GreenFellas is the most affordable in areas in and around North London.

Effort for having turf in your lawn is not over with just installations of the turf. Maintenance of the lawn turf is equally important. To maintain the lawn turf in pristine condition, regular mowing and watering is an essential task.

Mowing: Once the roots of the turf have anchored to the soil, you need to start mowing. The turf should not be cut too short. Reduce the height of the turf slowly during initial conditions. Mow the turf above 15mm. The lawn becomes better with additional mowing.

Watering: Proper watering of the lawn turf, help in deeper roots of the grass. This makes the grass more sturdy and less susceptible to dryness. Make sure to water the lawn when it actually needs watering and do it slowly and deeply. Water your lawn by using soaker hoses, trickle irrigation, or other methods.

Maintaining turf layer on your own may not be an easy. GreenFellas turfing service will help you out of the situation. Just call us and relax yourself from the tension of maintenance of the turf layer. Turf and grass services and its maintenance is best provided by us.

Our Garden Turfing Services, North London.

We offer garden turfing in North London including places like Southgate, Crouch End, Whetstone, Barnet, Muswell Hill and Finchley.

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